HR has always been the front liner for employees and the HR’s role in monitoring and maintaining has become even more critical. Traditional HR is being replaced with a holistic approach using advanced technologies and being human centric as well. HR professionals are faced with the challenges of redefining their strategies on leadership, talent, diversity while evaluating their operational effectiveness. The world confronts multiple crises and COVID-19 being the biggest one currently which has hit the whole world and its economy.

In this dynamic environment some of the major challenges currently faced by HR professionals are:

  • Business continuity: New hirings have been put on hold plus the layoffs as well have been initiated to limit the resource cost. Many industries like food, IT and transport have already started laying off employees. Companies such as Uber and IBM have laid-off a large number of employees with many others having to take a cut in salary.
  • Dispersed workplace: Work from home is the new mantra for employees; hence making sure the employees have an adequate system and internet connection to work plus keep a track on their work via different digital applications.
  • Focus on physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees: The external environment and odd timing business calls and no engagement in person has impacted the health of employees mentally and physically. Hence putting in place a medical support system and hiring psychiatrists for their mental wellbeing.
  • Critical talent acquisitions: Due to salary cuts and no appraisals in some organizations, it is getting difficult to acquire the existing talent for long.
  • Virtual Employee engagement: All the connects/meetings/conferences/activities etc. are being conducted virtually than in person which is new to some HR Professionals and employees.
  • Redefining policies: For the benefit and support for employees’ certain policies are being redefined which has increased the cost to companies like reimbursement of internet and telephone bills, advance amount is given to buy essentials. 
  • Impact on communication: As everyone is communicating via technology like video calls/skype/google teams etc. there is a communication gap amongst employees as it was easier to understand things when in person plus connectivity issues leads to delay. As HR professionals struggle to keep employees safe and informed, it helps to think about what changes will be more permanent and how they can guide employees and the leadership through those changes. These challenges are hence a pathway to opportunities.
  • Integrating Artificial intelligence: For many, automation has already been a big leap from traditional practices. Due to this pandemic, the need for Artificial Intelligence is in demand hence giving a golden opportunity for HR to show some innovative practices.
  • Increase in productivity of employees: According to a Gallup research, it shows that people have been more productive when working from remote locations as it saves their commute time, cost and they feel healthier as work from home environment is more conducive for them.

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