We will be writing about a job and a career today. So many people think a job and career mean the same thing, but guess what?  They are two different things. Yes you read right!

A job is more focused on earning money while a career is a series of related employment in one field that provides experience for your future and helps you earn a better paycheck and living status.

Seyi worked as a janitor in a private organization after his secondary school. He gained admission to study Accounting, and went into part-time teaching to see him through school. When he graduated, he started teaching accounting in a private secondary school. Two years later, he got another opportunity as a sales representative with a FMCG company. A year down the line, he got a teller job with a bank. That’s a job.

Marvel started ICAN immediately after secondary school and went to the university to study accounting. During her university days, she became an intern for an accounting firm. Upon graduation, she went for her CPA certification after which she started out as a graduate trainee in an audit firm. Worked on more certifications like the CIA and became a certified auditor. That’s a career.

A job is something you do simply for the money. A career is all about building up skills through various employment opportunities, giving you the ability to move on to higher paying and more prestigious ones. Careers provide a foundation of experiences that help fuel your professional life for many years.

A job is short term and more focused on getting a task done. Usually, jobs have a small impact on future resumes because they aren’t typically related to what your career is or will be. Also, jobs usually offer less networking opportunities because your co-workers often won’t be continuing on to the same field as you in your future career. Careers are more long-term and are about learning, gaining experience, building connections, and putting yourself in the right position for promotions and raises.

That’s not to say that jobs aren’t valuable. Jobs show your work ethic, which is important to future employers, and money pays the bills! Jobs can help prepare you for a career by providing you with valuable skills like time management and communication.

However you can turn your job to a career.

1. Focus on a job and continue learning and developing

2. Get a mentor

3. Expand your network. Attend seminars, conferences etc.

4. Go for certifications in that field and apply for internship.

Do you currently have a job or a career?

Are you willing to make a career out of that job your currently have?

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