The pandemic has almost left people and nations high and dry. Industry experts are predicting unprecedented economic downfall, which has led to job loss and pay cuts. The governments of various countries have already started announcing financial packages to ease the damage done by extended periods of lockdown.  However, people can utilize this period to develop new skills that will help them take forward their careers in a post-Coronavirus world. Let’s look at a few such job skills that help  survive in the professional world after the pandemic is over.

Leadership Skills

When a ship is in trouble, only an able captain can sail it through troubled water. During this hour of crisis, people with strong leadership qualities can lead a team to success. Industry experts are predicting work from home to be the next big thing. Already many tech giants have asked their employees to work from home till the end of 2020. So people with strong leadership skills who can manage team distantly, inspire teammates to work hard and bring out the best in others would be a safe bet for companies. So, it’s time to hone your leadership qualities

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is that quality that helps a person to understand other’s emotions better and express or control his or her emotions well. All great leaders possess this quality. They are empathetic and can easily gauge the mental and emotional health of an employee. And during the stressful period that we are in today, employees with high emotional intelligence have better chances of survival.

Technology skills

One of the biggest traits that can help employees survive in a post-coronavirus world is their ability to be tech-savvy. The pandemic has brought about huge digital transformations—employees are working from home, they are doing online meetings and social media tools to connect professionally have become indispensable. According to experts, artificial intelligence, Internet controlled operations; robotics, and so on, will be the future that will help industries grow more resilient to pandemics in the future. It is therefore very important that people develop an aptitude to learn new technologies and develop the skill to use emerging tools in their work effectively.

Adapt to changes

The lockdown has brought about many changes in our lives and there will definitely be more changes waiting our way after the pandemic is over. The way offices function, how we work etc. will change and with work from home becoming a reality, the change has already begun. People with the skill to adapt quickly to changes would be of great value to their workplaces.

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