Insecurity is primarily a product of uncertainty and lack of self confidence. The fear of the unknown triggers a feeling of insecurity and it is all psychological. The mind of an insecure person revolves around a lot of ‘what if’ and this plays out in many different areas, the work environment inclusive.

The feeling of insecurity in the work place stems from both the employer and the employee. The employer could cause insecurity in the employee by inundated threats to the employee. These kind of threats would inadvertently cause fear in the employee, fear of losing his job. Focus on the weaknesses of employees can also stir up insecurity.

On the part of the employee, insecurity may be an effect of some negative experiences outside of the work place, perhaps from relationships and family affairs which led to a low self-esteem. Insecurity affects the performance of the employee and invariably, productivity.

It must be understood that insecurity is a function of the emotions and once the emotions are steered in the right direction, insecurity will be overcome.

So employers can help their employees overcome insecurity by creating a tension-free work environment and setting up systems that engage the strengths and abilities of their employees in order to get maximum productivity out of them.

Employees can also help themselves step out of the insecurity zone by reminding themselves that they are important, regardless of what they are told and how they feel. They can also try to add value to themselves as much as possible. They could learn new skills, attend trainings and try to bring themselves as up to date as is achievable. The more values are added, the higher the self-esteem gets.

Lastly, as an employee you must not allow anyone talk you down. No one has the power to make you insecure except you. Always walk with a winners mentality, understanding that you have something very unique to offer to society and even if you’re not there yet, you are on your way there. This will help boost your self-esteem and keep insecurity at bay.