The average working class person usually leaves home to go to an office. Some people however have to work from home as their jobs don’t require any office space that their homes can’t handle. These are mostly entrepreneurs though. For this category of people, working from home has become a lifestyle and if there is a lockdown, they won’t have much adjusting to do.

However, for the people who are accustomed to working from an office, there’s some adjusting that needs to be done. With the present COVID-19 lockdown being implemented worldwide, work cannot cease so as not to create setbacks in the businesses after the lockdown. Nevertheless, it cannot be business as usual if there’s going to be any success with work.

So first off, you need to incorporate your work activities into your daily home routine. You could outline the list of work things you need to do daily and prioritize. You must understand that things will be a bit different particularly if you are married and have kids. You need to create space for them so that they don’t clog up or interfere with your work schedule. One very good way you can start your day is by getting ready for work as usual. You must overcome the temptation to laze about or stay in bed as you’re not on vacation. Avoid anything that will make you unproductive with your work.

As much as possible, try not to get too distracted, particularly with family hence you must arrange a workable schedule. Understand that neither your work nor home should suffer during the lockdown as you need both in good condition even after the lockdown.

Keeping in touch and staying connected with colleagues, friends and relatives is important as well during a lockdown because since there’s little or no movement, staying connected is the only way to be duly informed and up to date on work-related,  as well as, family and societal matters.

Lastly don’t make any decisions or take any actions you’d regret post lockdown. Eat healthy, keep fit as much as possible, stay safe and keep your spirit high.

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