We understand how difficult it is right now to look toward the future and resume normalcy while COVID-19 is inundating our professional and personal lives. However, when things return to normal and our employees return to work, there are certain “human resources” perspectives to take into consideration for our businesses.

Here are five HR perspectives, or strategies, that can benefit your employees and the company’s bottom line:

  • Employee personalization

Employees don’t want to be viewed as faceless cogs in a larger machine—they want to be recognized for the unique value each brings to the company. This uniqueness is something employers are beginning to embrace too.

Companies need to offer more personalized benefits and online tools. The idea is that providing a wide array of options will suit the unique needs of employees from any background and in any stage of their careers.

  • A focus on wellness

After dealing with the anxiety and stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers will need to put more focus on the mental health and overall wellness of its employees. Holistic benefits are a common way of introducing wellness to a company. These benefits address all aspects of well-being, including mental health and financial security.

  • Workplace flexibility

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a fluctuating workplace landscape was developing.  After working from home for weeks, some employees may be reluctant to return to the standard in-person office hours.

While policies will differ by company, the idea is that employees want some workplace flexibility when their personal lives require it. It could be something as simple as letting them work from home once in a while. Regardless of how you choose to handle flexibility within your company, this will continue in 2020 and likely expand its prevalence as the familiarity of remote working increases.

  • Employee upskilling

As the employee personalization trend illustrates, employees want to be appreciated on an individual level. One way employers can show their appreciation is through upskilling. Not only does this help employees feel valued, but it also helps fill knowledge gaps within the company. Internal growth opportunities need to be encouraged.

  • AI-driven technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a continuing trend for the foreseeable future as employers look to reduce costs in a potentially down economy. AI empowers companies to achieve more than ever before, for a fraction of the effort. Commonly, AI is being used by HR to help administrate their human capital.

Some employers are using AI systems to autonomously screen candidates and move prospective hires through the application process, saving HR teams untold hours. Other employers are using AI to monitor employees so they can strategically address performance issues on an individual basis.

When it comes to tracking complex data sets, AI will be the answer for HR. Keep an eye out as this innovative technology permeates deeper into the HR realm.

Looking forward

While these initiatives are recommended, they might not necessarily work for every company. However, in a post-COVID-19 environment, where employees have had to adjust how they work, all companies should shift toward a more human-focused approach to give them an edge in employee productivity and morale.

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