Here’s some of the advantages video resumes give you as a job candidate, and increase your chances of being hired:

It shows effort

While other candidates are sending the standard ATS compliant resume, you are delivering that to them, and going an extra mile and doing something new. You’re making the job of recruiters and employers much easier to go through potential candidates, and more quickly get an indepth picture of you.


People frequently stretch their resume credentials, and spend time creating an alternate perception of their skills and experience. However, you help reinforce your skills and believability with a video pitch resume. You’re committing to your representation as a candidate, and are boldly making a statement.

More scope of presenting

There are times when the words on a resume are just too limited to convey your qualifications. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you can convey volumes about yourself in a video pitch resume beyond your submitted resume.

More scope of understanding

Not just your work experience and qualifications, but the way you stand, you talk and your gestures add up to your personality. A video pitch resume facilitates this insight at an early stage of the hiring process, and lets you get feedback to polish your presentation.

Easy on storage

Empower Resumes greatly assist recruiters in terms of keeping track of your documents. In one convenient, online format they will always have access to your video pitch, resume document, contact information, other qualifying documents, and more.

Reflects the enthusiasm

A video pitch resume can help reflect your excitement for a position much easier than a standard resume. You will easily show employers your enthusiasm towards the job opportunity.

Much more attractive

Your voice, words, and personality can win over your employers, and recording video pitch resumes gives you feedback on how you are seen. You can record the video pitch over and over until you think it conveys you in the best light. Also, if you are personable and have flair with words, then video pitch resumes are the thing for you!

Sets the correct impression

As some say, the “First impression is the last impression”. There are times when you turn out to a bit nervous in personal interviews and fail to show your true self. However, in video pitch resume you can be yourself, in your comfort zone. This will give you an edge of impression over those who chose to send a standard resume, and then come in for a first impression interview.

Portrays you as tech-savvy

Employers favor employees who are tech savvy and can utilize the newest trends and practices. Doing more than a standard resume, and approaching a technologically new way of sharing your career experience and qualifications, will give you a progressive edge.

Highlights your personable or unique nature

If you are personable or unique in a way, then opting for a video pitch resume can add benefits for you. Employers like to see how you may fit into their work dynamic. And if you’re looking beyond your own resume, and want to work on how you are presented to employers, using Empower Resume to develop your professional, personable self is very easy.

Cost effective

It is a tedious task to keep changing your resume constantly when your work experience adds another month or year, or creating multiple resumes for different jobs or occupational flavors. When called into interviews, you can sometimes be expected to carry multiple standard resume copies, and can be a hindrance if you made some changes in the format or details. An Empower Resume creates a dynamic resume presentation that lets you edit and update it on the fly, and be easily printed.

Shows the level of your confidence

Going into a personal interview can make even the most confident, nervous. With a video pitch resume, you are taking the initiative and revealing yourself. This shows how confident you are about yourself, your experience and abilities. It can also help you gain confidence going into an interview, knowing that the employer has already seen you, and wants to find out more.

Different from written language

Written resumes depicts your achievements, experience and extra-ordinary skills in detail. However, in the hundreds and thousands of resume sent, they are scanned and imported in seconds to be automatically filtered without anyone even reading it. Video pitch resumes, on the other hand, ensures your achievements and skills are in focus, as it’s been generally watched till the end.

Reflect on you as dynamic

Living in an era where technology has created more position competition, companies like to hire employees who would adjust with ever-changing technology. The use of a video pitch resume reflects of a dynamic personality of an individual, ready to adapt themselves, thus making them an asset for the company.

Ability to be certain and precise

Video pitch resumes give you the chance to talk about yourself, highlighting your skills and achievements. Many candidates find it easier to mention their achievements and skills in just a written resume, however, when it comes to talking about them, they may fumble. Video pitch resumes show the ability of an individual to be precise and certain about what his goals are and how he can be an asset to the company, without the pressure of initial presence performance.

Communication skills

In most companies, communication skills are always a consideration. In a written resume you cannot show your verbal skills, but if you have strong communication skills, it’s time to show them to potential employers through a video pitch resume.

Double benefit

As mentioned above, video pitch resumes are more effective than a written resume. Apart from their differences, it also helps both, showcasing what the other does not. An employer can reference your resume at anytime during your video pitch for more information, and look through the video pitch if they still had questions after reading your resume.

Performance demo

Video pitch resumes can also works as a demo if it’s needed for a particular job. For example- If a candidate is applying for receptionist job or call center job, they can also show a short demo portraying their skills. Thus, it helps the hiring manager to get an idea of a candidate’s skills.

Professional approach

It’s very important for an individual to project himself as the best candidate for job. Video pitch resumes are an excellent, professional tool at your disposal. You’ve decided to use professional presentational tools through a video pitch resume for your next position you apply for, and the employer will see your professional decision.

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