Transferable skills are skills that you learn and develop in one situation that can then be used and applied in another situation. They are skills which you already have but need to develop through different situations or events.

Transferable skills can include any number of things – team work, leadership, multitasking, budgeting, guest service, problem solving, coding, communication, research, caregiving and even patience. Yes patience!

I guess you raised your eyebrow at that. The thing about transferable skills is that it cuts across every facet of man’s existence so anything you are able to do to surmount whatever hurdle is placed before you is a transferable skill. You may not even know you have acquired a certain skill until you are placed in the middle of a situation that requires that skill and you just find out that you are able to flow therein with ease, much like a pro.

You need transferable skills because they help you adapt to whatever situation you find yourself. They also open up to you channels of income that you may not have had access to without them.

One of the secrets to developing transferable skills is to pay attention to everything around you wherever you find yourself and see what you can learn from them. Never take for granted the situations or acquaintances you come across. Sometimes, they may cause a certain level of discomfort but ignore that and focus on the great gain just around the corner. Your ability to learn determines how much skill you’d develop and how far you’d go in life.

So are there certain skills you just discovered or are hoping to develop? Come on board let’s talk about it.

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